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          Welcome to This site is here to enable you to meet like-minded people, make new friends, find a date, find a travel companion, find someone to share your hobbies and interests with, or find a lifetime partner; and also to arrange events with your new friends.

          Why does the world need another “meet new friends” or “internet dating” site? Are there not dozens already? Well, it is our belief that the many existing sites are far from being optimum – they haven’t cracked it yet in terms of providing the desired results reliably, and being easy to use, with the hard work done for you by the site.  We believe that will grow to become not just the best, but also the biggest.  Why?

          "Meet new friends” sites tend to be very poorly structured, and, from the ones we’ve discovered to date, seem to give very little help in finding the right friend for the right purpose, and they leave you to do all the hard work of finding like-minded people and assessing potential new friends manually.  They merely create a forum for communication, with no automated searching, matching or other help.

          Some dating sites put a lot more effort into trying to get it right, and a few have extensive personality tests to try to provide you with a better match than just relying on looks and a few personal details typed in by the members.  At least the better ones search for matches for you, and recommend matches based on using some form of matching engine.  However, we at still believe that they have a long way to go before they can reliably find you a lifetime partner.  Personality matches are a good start, and may well even match you with someone with whom you will have some chemistry, or that magic spark, but they still don’t cover all of the things that are essential for a lifetime relationship, like sexual compatibility, how you feel about work/life balance, what you prefer to spend your disposable income on, etc.  You may be well matched in personality type and get on well, with chemistry and a spark, but if one of you wants to spend every penny they earn on designer clothes and fashion accessories, and the other wants to save for the future, thinks that anything designer is a waste of money, and wants to spend the disposable income on exotic holidays instead, then the relationship is unlikely to last, even if you are well matched in nearly every other area. How soon in the relationship do you want to discover this incompatibility?  We believe it should be right at the start, before you’ve even met.

          Or if one partner wants to lead a very independent life, pursuing their hobby, sport, or pastime with friends most of the time, and just spending one day a week of quality time with their partner / family to satisfy their need for love, romance and sex, whilst the other partner wants to build a shared life, with shared interests, where the two do virtually everything together; then the relationship is again highly likely to fail. If one partner is an “early bird” and the other is a “night owl” it puts a great deal of strain on a relationship. There are dozens of factors in a human relationship to consider in order to be able to make a reliable judgement as to whether it will last a lifetime. How many friends or dating websites consider all of these factors?  None, that we can find.  Until now.  Enter

          Clearly, meeting new friends to share a hobby with, or meeting someone for a casual date, require much less compatibility than finding a lifetime partner, but the same matching engine can be used to do all three effectively – you just don’t need to use as much information about a person to find a friend or a casual date, as you do to find a lifetime partner.

          For finding lifetime friends and partners, we believe that we’ve cracked it in terms of asking all of the important questions, all of the answers to which are fed into the matching engine to find a perfect lifetime mate.

         However, we also feel that there should not be any separation between a “meeting new friends” site, and a “dating” site, whether for casual dates or finding a lifetime mate.  The needs are essentially the same – you have a gap in your life which you need to meet someone new to fill, because you can’t fill the gap from your existing social circle.  Maybe you are looking for a friend, or friends, to share a hobby with, and a lifetime partner?  Why go to different sites, when you can enter the information once in and do both searches at the same time?

          Also, we know that some people are still reluctant to use dating sites, feeling that they are somehow admitting to failure in finding a mate through the so-called “normal” way.  However, with, no one knows if you are here to find a friend to share a hobby with, or to find a date, so you don’t need to be shy about admitting to be using

           But why would you not use the power of a site like to find a date, or a lifetime partner?  The so-called “normal” way is so restricted, so random, so based upon chance and luck and fortunate timing.  You may have seen your perfect mate today in the street, but you made no contact with them, or maybe you smiled at each other, but you will never see them again, because chance did nothing to introduce the two of you, and you had no way of knowing that they just happened to be an ideal match for you.  Using, you can take chance out of the equation.  The matching engine compares your needs with what thousands of others have to offer, and makes the introduction for you. is also much more discreet than other sites.  You enter a great deal of deeply personal information into the system for the matching engine to work with, but you only reveal to others what you want them to know, and you can do it bit by bit as you get to know more about them.  Indeed, the “revealing” game can be a lot of fun to play with a new mate as you get to know them. is new and growing fast.  Until it has a critical mass of members it will be entirely free to use, to encourage you to join up – you have nothing to lose.  The first “pioneer testers” on the site will get free use of the site for life*.   Join now to see if you can qualify for “free for life” membership.  Even if not, membership is free for all for now.  Tell everyone that you know who might find the site useful, and help build it quickly into a valuable resource that you will use for many different needs where meeting someone new is part of the requirement.

            If you recommend someone to join (via the site) and they join, then you will receive free credits for each person who joins, which you can use when the site becomes a pay-to-use site.

             If you have feedback about the site, send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   Making the site better, easier to use, adding features that you would like to see, and removing bugs, are all part of the aims of to make this the best “introductions” site in the world; so don’t be shy about giving us feedback.

              Check out our brand statement and why we think we are the best, via the Main Menu on this site, or via the following links:

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Note: [*until they remove their details from the site.]